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500 từ bỏ vựng tiếng Anh nhà đề địa điểm thành phố – LangGo

at eight o’clock; at eleven o’clock; at 9:15; at nine fifteen; at 10:30; at ten thirty; at 7:00 a.m. (at seven <‘ei’em>); at 10:00 p.m. (at ten <‘pi:’em>);
for ten minutes; for half an hour; for an hour; for three hours; for a day or two; for six days; for a week; for two months; for a year; for fifteen years;
in 2010 (in twenty ten / in two thousand ten / in two thousand và ten); in năm ngoái (in twenty fifteen / in two thousand fifteen);
Today is the third of November. Today is May 6, 2011. (May sixth, twenty eleven / the sixth of May, two thousand eleven)
He was born on January 1, 2004. (on January first, two thousand four / on the first of January, two thousand và four)
get up at seven o’clock; get up at about nine; wake up around eight in the morning; make the bed;
do morning exercises; bởi a phối of morning exercises; bởi sit-ups; bởi vì knee bends; vì chưng push-ups; vày pull-ups; run in the park in the morning; work out in the thể hình three times a week;
take a shower; take a bath; brush my teeth; wash my face; comb my hair; apply make-up; go lớn the bathroom;
go lớn the kitchen; make breakfast; cook breakfast; have breakfast; eat breakfast; have tea; drink tea; have coffee; drink coffee; wash the dishes;

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a cup of đen coffee; coffee with milk and sugar; coffee with cream; a cup of green tea; a cup of tea with lemon; a glass of orange juice; a glass of milk;
have cornflakes with milk and a cup of tea for breakfast; drink a glass of orange juice; eat two boiled eggs và a đắm đuối sandwich for breakfast;
get dressed; put on clothes; put on a business suit; put on a pair of jeans and a sweater; put on my coat; leave at 8:30; leave for work at eight in the morning;
work in an office; work in a bank; work at a bank; work at a factory; work at a hospital; work at a small computer company; work for a newspaper; have a small business of my own;
work as a secretary; work as an engineer; work as a nurse; be a clerk; be a manager; be a salesman; sell cars; kiến thiết clothes; repair computers;
not very far from home; quite far from home; it’s ten minutes by car; it’s a ten-minute drive from home; a twenty-minute walk from where I live;
it takes me an hour to lớn get khổng lồ my workplace; it takes me about twenty minutes lớn get there; it takes me about an hour & a half lớn get there;
work five days a week from nine in the morning till six at night; work from nine khổng lồ six; I have to work on Saturdays; Sunday is my day off;
kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school, secondary school, high school; public school, private school;
pupil, student, teacher; classroom, lesson, textbook, homework; vì chưng homework; vì an exercise; vì chưng grammar exercises;
be in the tenth form; be in the tenth grade; be in class; be present, be absent; Who is absent today?
study medicine at a school of medicine; study law at a school of law; study accounting at a vocational school (trade school; technical school);
I’m studying English at a language school; study English with a private teacher; have English classes twice a week; have classes four times a week;