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You surely have used Times new roman font once in a life for a different purpose. It is an old-style serif typeface that is facilitating designers for the last many decades. A British designer Stanley Morison got his hands on this phông in 1932 with the help of another British designer Victor Lardent. In many desktop computers, it remained one of the highly installed typefaces.

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A famous British Newspaper The times issued this fonts that pulls the world by storm. The magazine collaborated with the fonts for 40 years. The thiết kế of Times New Roman is based on an old sans-serif font Plantin Font. Times New Roman is one of the popular fonts used on the Word document. It has a tall x-height while the descenders are short. You can also get Times News Roman font không lấy phí in different versions.

Furthermore, the font family is huge with numerous weights, styles, characters & letters. It also comprises many metal type versions. You can easily get many similar fonts to lớn use in designs incorporating Roboto font và Futura font. Other than that, Times New Roman phông Generator helps to get approach to lớn different beautiful phông designs. It all can be done with this tool that you can acquire online.

Times New Roman font History

In the 19th century, the fonts used in the publishing field was modern & high contrast. However, after a few time, it was felt that these fonts are not accurate for small kích cỡ texts as it decreases the readability factor. While keeping this factor in mind, they decided lớn come with a better phông that makes the small size texts in the printing field visible. It is how Times New Roman originated.

The fonts was produced due lớn the fact that people wanted a fonts that has sharp serifs. A few Metal type versions of this fonts incorporate Times Hever Titling, Titling, Times Wide etc. It also comprises different Linotype variants. Furthermore, many modern versions of this phông have also been produced including As Times New Roman và Times New Roman World.

History of Times New Roman Font

The popularity of Times New Roman is known to everyone. Every designer và random person has experienced this typeface once in a life. Because of an extended font family, you have many options for using this phông on different platforms and locations. From being featured on different magazines to lớn websites of different levels, there is not a single spot left where this typeface didn’t make an entry.

You can apply the font to various platforms of your choices. As it was specially designed lớn fulfil the need for a phông suitable for small kích thước texts in publishing so you can clearly consider using it for publishing work. You can also apply this font withsanpaullo signature font in your old-style or modern websites, branding, assignments, covers, Logos, Titles và many other places.

Times New Roman View

Times New Roman phông View

Times New Roman fonts Family (Includes 12 Typeface)

Times New Roman BoldTimes New Roman Condensed BoldTimes New Roman Bold ItalicTimes New Roman CondensedTimes New Roman Condensed ItalicTimes New Roman Extra BoldTimes New Roman ItalicTimes New Roman MediumTimes New Roman Medium ItalicTimes New Roman RegularTimes New Roman Semi BoldTimes New Roman Semi Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Times New Roman Font

Centabel BookRoboto SlabRobotoFuturaLato

License Information

Amazingly you can get the font for all your publishing, commercial, và trading projects without limitations. Install the phông on your device và enjoy this extended phông family for all your projects.

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Times New Roman miễn phí Download

You can use this font không tính tiền in your projects as it was issued under the Proprietary software. All the paid and free features can be easily obtained by downloading the phông from the given link.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I Use Times New Roman Commercially?

You can use this amazing serif typeface và produce beautiful designs with this font không lấy phí of cost. There is no license restriction before applying this fonts in your designs.

Why Is Times New Roman so Popular?

Times New Roman phông is popular because it was chosen as MS word mặc định font. From there it gained huge popularity & acceptance. Furthermore, you can get this font không lấy phí in your system is also the reason for its popularity.

Is Times New Roman a Good Font?

It is a highly trusted and appreciated typeface from day 1. You clearly can’t doubt the incredibility of this font. It can be used for professional purpose as well.

Who Designed the Times New Roman Font?

Stanley Morison, a British designer produced this beautiful serif font with the collaboration of another British designer Victor Lardent. The time Magazine remained attached to this phông for 40 years.

Where You Can Use Times New Roman?

You have many choices in terms of fonts usage. You can use the phông in small-size texts, publishing work, Newspapers, assignments, official work, documents, covers etc.

Is Times và Times New Roman the Same?

No, they are not the same. The major difference is, time new Roman is Monotype font while the other one is Linotype font.