Fixed a bug that did not start the droid4x emulator

The situation of users of Droid4X android emulator encountering errors is not uncommon & among them the Droid4X error does not start is the most annoying. There are many causes of the above situation và fix Droid4X not boot, the following article will help you.

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Droid4x is an game android emulator similar lớn BlueStacks và the compatibility of this software is quite high. However, during use, it is inevitable that errors will occur & Droid4x error does not start is one of those problems. Specifically, when you mở cửa Droid4x lớn use as usual, we discovered that the game android Droid4x emulator only runs to 80% with the error message code 21 only.

In this article, will not discuss in depth its causes because there are many reasons leading lớn this situation, but instead will be measures to help you overcome the situation. Also in the process of using you encounter Droid4x error incompatible computer, máy tính is also quite common. You can read more at the article guide to fix Droid4x incompatible computer to lớn see how khổng lồ handle offline. Now, please allow me lớn go into details on how to fix Droid4x error not start up.

Instructions to fix Droid4x error does not start

1. Proceed to lớn uninstall & reinstall Droid4x.

The best way khổng lồ prevent Droid4x from booting is khổng lồ remove it completely and then reinstall the latest version. However, we can not use the conventional way to lớn remove because it does not completely clean your computer.

– First you need to download iObit Uninstaller, the leading professional uninstaller software today.

– After uninstalling, we need lớn reinstall it, tải về it Droid4xThe latest version at offline.

Step 1: Droid4x error job does not start up very simple, you just need to mở cửa iObit Uninstaller then type “droid4x“The result appears that you have checked both values ​​and click Uninstall to remove.


Step 2: Here you choose Uninstall let the system automatically remove và clean your computer.


In the process of uninstalling Droid4x, there appears a table requesting evaluation & use, here it is up to lớn you lớn choose the results.


Step 3: However, the process of removing Droid4x is not complete, you must find an additional application with the keyword “virtual“will appear Oracle VM VirtualBox, please remove the software similar khổng lồ the way in the steps above.


Then you proceed to lớn reinstall Droid4x then make sure the error Droid4x will not boot will disappear.

2. Proceed lớn update the latest version of Droid4x.

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Updating the latest version is also a way khổng lồ fix Droid4x not booting. Perhaps for some reason, the computer and the Droid4x software are not compatible with each other, leading lớn the Droid4x error not starting. Therefore you need lớn update Droid4x khổng lồ the latest version.


The tải về link we have put in the section above readers can tải về Droid4x quickly và safely.

3. Proceed khổng lồ install VituralBox driver

For some reason that the VituralBox driver is broken or not installed, try to lớn install the VituralBox driver first because it is fast & effective before applying the above methods.

Step 1: You access drive C of the computer và then go lớn the following address: C:> Program Files> Oracle> VirtualBox> drivers> vboxdrv.


Step 2: Here, right click on the tệp tin VBoxDrv.inf and choose Install to proceed with the installation.


Then a window will appear asking if you want khổng lồ install or not, click continue Install.


Wait 1 moment will have notice The operation completed successfully, then you proceed to lớn restart the computer và reopen Droid4x to lớn see if the error Droid4x does not boot or not.


4. Update the driver for the computer

The problem of incompatibility can cause Droid4x to lớn fail to lớn boot and specifically here is the card vga driver. Maybe the version of Droid4x you are using and the driver version of vga is not compatible with each other. That’s why updating đồ họa is important and there are many ways we can bởi vì it.

For the convenience of updating VGA, readers can use Driver Booster software, one of the software that automatically finds drivers and installs, including VGA.


Readers can tải về Driver BoosterGo khổng lồ the computer here and proceed with the installation so that you can find and update the driver for your card vga device.

The above are ways khổng lồ help you fix Droid4x not booting, a very annoying error occurs on Droid4x. Readers can apply the above ways in turn for their most convenient offline.

In addition, BlueStacks 3 is also a good choice if you are having problems with Droid4x, download BlueStacks 3 for your computer và try it out. Who knows, BlueStacks 3 will fix all the disadvantages, besides, downloading BlueStacks 3 for computers is also very easy và the installation is quite simple. When opening BlueStacks, you will encounter cases where Bluestacks loading will not load forever, this is a fairly common error and many people encounter, to lớn fix the error of Bluestacks loading forever, please refer lớn how on