Download free piano plugin: keyzone classic by bitsonic


Here are the best miễn phí guitar VST plugins online that can be used with FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, and other VST supported software.

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What Is A Guitar VST Plugin?

A guitar VST plugin is a virtual instrument that you can use lớn simulate the sound of a guitar. Guitar VSTs are often used in music production to provide the sound of an electric guitar or acoustic guitar.

This các mục includes different types of guitar plugins such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amps, & guitar synthesizers.

There are many types of không tính phí guitar VST plugins, and they all have different features. Some may have various effects, such as delay, reverb, and distortion.

Ample Guitar M Lite II VST Plugin – Best free Acoustic Guitar VST

Ample Guitar M Lite II is a sampled acoustic guitar.

866 Samples, 16bit 44.1khz.Rich Fingering Noise – more vivid and realistic.Slide Smoother.Open String First for playing arpeggio.

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows / Mac

Plugin Preview

3. Classic GTR Lite

Classic GTR Lite VST Plugin

Classic GTR Lite is a miễn phí multi-sampled classical guitar plugin for Windows và Mac available in VST/VST3/AU formats.

These samples were captured at 24 bit 96 kHz from a basic guitar, processed with virtual effects, and then converted khổng lồ Flac 24 bit 44 kHz.

You have seven presets selected from the full Classic GTR version in this free version, which contains 38 presets and 1,634 samples.

7 presets301 samplesBig Sur tư vấn (Intel-based macs only)

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows / Mac / VST / VST3 / AU

Plugin Preview

4. Bass Module

Bass Module VST Plugin

There are a wide variety of bass sounds in the Bass Module, which can be used for various musical styles, from classic electronic to lớn rock, metal, and more.

A total of 64 original bass sounds are included with this module, which comprises 100MB of sample data.

The Bass Module includes both acoustic and synthesized bass sounds.

Download: Bass Module | OS: Windows

Bass Module Preview

5. Bassline VST Plugin

Bassline VST Plugin

EVM Bassline is a WaveSample Bass Player.

Download: Bassline | OS: Windows

Bassline Preview

6. AkoustiK GuitarZ

Free Guitar VST Instrument

This VST has four acoustic guitar types. It includes an amp, envelope, fine-tuning, stereo spread, và portamento.

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows

Plugin Preview

7. Nick Crow 8505 Lead

Lead VST Amp

Nick Crow 8505 Lead VST Amp Sim Settings are shown in the video. You can kiểm tra both raw guitars and mixed guitars in this video.

Download: Nick Crow 8505 | OS: Windows / Mac / AU

Nick Crow 8505 Preview

8. DSK Guitars Nylon VST Plugin

Guitar Amp Sim 3 VST Plugin – free VST Electric Guitar Amp

A stereo guitar amp sim VST effect plugin was created in SynthMaker cm software.

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Download: Plugin | OS: Windows

Plugin Preview


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10. Raspier – Bass Synthesizer

Raspier – Bass Synthesizer

Raspier is a bass synthesizer. E-bass, acoustic sound, leads, slap, and ringtones.

This plugin uses modulation from the phase distortion oscillator as a pick on the guitar body.

There are also two shape selectors.

Download: Raspier | OS: Windows

Raspier Preview

11. Spicy Guitar VST Plugin

Spicy Guitar VST – free Guitar VST Plugins

Spicy Guitar is a không tính phí physical mã sản phẩm of an acoustic guitar synthesizer.

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows / Mac

Plugin Preview

12. DSK BassZ – Bass Acoustic

DSK BassZ VST Plugin

This VST plugin has 24 bass acoustic và synth sounds.

Download: DSK BassZ | OS: Windows

DSK BassZ Preview

13. TSE 808

TSE 808 VST Plugin

The TSE808 is emulating a famous tube screamer pedal.

Download: TSE 808 | OS: Windows / Mac

14. 3rd Bass – Bass Amp

3rd Bass VST Plugin

Bass Amp Sim with multi-effects.

Download: 3rd Bass | OS: Windows

15. Haunted Guitar Lite

Haunted Guitar Lite VST Plugin

Haunted Guitar Lite is a không tính tiền VST/VST3/AU instrument created with Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar samples.

The presets contain 28 samples processed with various high-quality effects to achieve dark, spooky guitar sounds.


8 Presets224 SamplesHP / LP FilterLFO ModulationFilter type selectorVoice mode

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows / Mac

Plugin Preview

16. DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic Guitars VST Plugin

Free Guitars VST instrument by DSKmusic.

3 Types of guitars: nylon, steel, & acousticRange control for amplitudeVelocity curve selectorReverb fx includedDynamic velocity response

Download: DSK Dynamic | OS: Windows / Mac

DSK Dynamic Preview

17. Cute Emily Guitar

Cute Emily Guitar VST Plugin

Electric guitar plugin dễ thương Emily Guitar is a không tính tiền download from Bigcat Instruments.

This is a sample of an SG-type Epiphone electric guitar by Karoryfer. After this plugin, you’ll need a guitar amp simulation, as the recording was dry.

Download: dễ thương Emily | OS: Windows / Mac

Cute Emily Preview

18. Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE

Best không lấy phí Guitar VST Plugins

Here is the ultimate miễn phí electric guitar sample library for KONTAKT.

This instrument provides deep-sampled sustain, palm mute, & choke articulations with 3 octaves of playing range, up to 24 samples per note, và tons of performance options.

Download: Shreddage 3 | OS: Windows / Kontakt

19. Peel Guitar

Peel Guitar VST Plugin

Utilizing a Fender Telecaster fed through a 15w vintage tweed amp with tremolo, vibrato, & distortion. Recreate an indie guitar sound synonymous with British music.

Download: Plugin | OS: Windows / Mac / VST2 / VST3 / AAX / AU

Plugin Preview

20. FabBass

FabBass VST Plugin

The FabBass synthesizer is designed to lớn produce a sound similar khổng lồ that of a 1960s violin bass.