How to play ios iphone ipad games on pc/mac?


Have got bored of playing games on iPhone with limited screen size? Even the biggest iPhone 11 Pro Max with display of 6.5 inches could not satisfy your needs? Or vị you simply want lớn play game ios game on PC as you don"t have a Mac computer with apple Arcade installed to lớn access various ios games? to help you visually experience iPhone ipad tablet games on PC computer with bigger screen, here suggests two ways.

Wirelessly Play game ios Games on PC/Mac without Hiccup - Recommended

AirPlay-enabled helps screen mirroring táo games from iPhone ipad tablet to PC Windows 10/7 wirelessly. Free, no unique loss and no lags. What"s more, you can also display iPhone videos, music, photos, presentations, spreadsheets, and swipe over to PC/Mac without losing your place.



Out the market, there are commonly two ways lớn play game ios game on PC – screen mirroring & installing quả táo emulator for PC.

Method 1. Screen mirroring game ios to PC/Mac lớn display trò chơi contents

Screen mirroring is the best way khổng lồ display contents on one screen khổng lồ another one, thus khổng lồ achieve lossless device-to-device communication. It is usually wireless & occupies no storage. That is to lớn say, there is no cable khổng lồ tie you down & you can move khổng lồ any place in your room lớn play tiện ích ios games on PC as long as you can see your PC screen. Also, you can play any types of games without worrying about your PC storage space. No matter action games, adventure games, role-play games, simulation games, strategy games, sports games or puzzle games, you have a lot freedom to play them on PC smoothly.

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With Apple"s AirPlay giải pháp công nghệ built-in, your game ios iPhone máy tính bảng ipad has been ready to lớn send the trò chơi contents to your computer. The only thing you need to bởi vì now is khổng lồ make your PC AirPlay-enabled. Like what we have mentioned above, is such a tool with great cross-platform compatibility lớn help receive game ios AirPlay mirroring contents & display the contents on PC flawlessly. It has been tested successfully to play newest táo Arcade games on PC, so you can rest assured lớn play any tiện ích ios game in Apple ứng dụng Store on PC without error.

BTW, it is said that Apple"s hãng sản xuất intel to ARM transition movement will allow run ios apps on Mac, but the way is still to long if you want to play iPhone máy tính bảng ipad games on Mac very smoothly. So, is as of now a better choice.

Method 2. Install ios emulator lớn create a virtual game ios system on PC

The other way to play iPhone ipad games on PC is khổng lồ install emulator software for PC, so as lớn make your PC system act as an tiện ích ios system to lớn install game ios apps successfully.

However, after a try, we have found the installation process is quite complicated & most of them need payment for premium version. For example, the popular ios emulator iPadian requires $10 for advanced service. Besides, most of them ask you lớn use game ios game apps from their own store, which means you can"t access Apple"s Store to get game apps. It doesn"t matter as long as these ios emulators" ứng dụng stores have the same trò chơi resources as Apple"s ứng dụng Store, but disappointedly, they often have the availability of a limited number of apps. Worse still, most of the emulators are fake and they may install adware or malware to your computer. To sum up, if you want khổng lồ use an game ios emulator to lớn help play tiện ích ios game on PC, make sure the trò chơi is designed for the quả táo emulator và you should also know there are no vast number of games for you to lớn choose from.

Therefore, use AirPlay to screen mirroring táo khuyết games to PC is highly suggested.

How to lớn Play game ios Games on PC/Mac with AirPlay Mirroring?

Step 1. không lấy phí download AirPlay-enabled software, install and launch it on your PC or Mac. Then, click on the "DLNA AirPlay" button on the main UI of khổng lồ access the AirPlay Setting window, và just turn on your AirPlay option.


Step 2. Connect your ios iPhone or iPad and PC/Mac to lớn the same WiFi network.

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Step 3. Find the Screen Mirroring option on your game ios device • For iPhone with ios 13 or later: Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen of your iPhone/iPad lớn access the Control Center. • For iPhone with game ios 12 or older: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your iPhone/iPad khổng lồ access the Control Center.

Step 4. Tap Screen Mirroring and tap khổng lồ connect when your iPhone or máy tính bảng ipad has discovered


Step 5. Now, play your ios game on iPhone or iPad, & will automatically and wirelessly receive the screen mirroring contents & display them on PC/Mac immediately.


Simple, right? It is never easier to lớn play ios iPhone ipad tablet games on PC/Mac with such a way. In addition to trò chơi streaming, also displays PPT, Excel, documents on bigger screen PC with more details, streams online classes and video meetings with clearer visuals, và AirPlay video clip music lớn PC to lớn help you create a home media center.

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