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Happy Ever After is just one of a series of dramas centering on losers, who prosper và attain their dreams.

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I think there were already two previous dramas from this series but as Push Putto và Esther are my favourite, then of course I had to watch this first.

Genre: Romance, School

Released Date: 2017

No of Episodes: 12

From: My Dear Loser Series: Happy Ever After


My Dear Loser Series: Happy Ever After (Thai Drama Review)

The story is about a couple who are still in love with one another after 10 years of togetherness but due to lớn failure to communicate their wants and expectations, they begin to lớn feel awkward with one another.

They came from different backgrounds. Korya is a little princess, very confident from a rich family.

Ton is a bit of a dork, obsessed in following hair trends. (This makes for very funny scenes) He is very sentimental but rather slow.

I love this drama because it does not take itself seriously. There are plenty of pastiche scene that would make you laugh out loud. & it does not adhere to political correctness.

In fact I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the first episode. Push Putto is very likeable as Ton. Very handsome khổng lồ look at but absolutely clueless and rather tactless. With his veneer teeth, extremely white và even, he just makes you smile.

Esther is also brilliant. A very versatile actress. One minute she is making you laugh, the next she is wringing your emotions.

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Korya (Koya)’s family does not approve of Ton. They did everything lớn prevent their daughter khổng lồ have anything more to bởi with Ton.

But as Korya said, Love conquers all, so she decided to live with Ton despite her parents warning.

Ten years on and Korya, the heavier for it, is not as happy as she should be with Ton and he in her.

There was a scene where Ton và his friends attended their 2004 Mass Comm alumni reunion. Korya attended too.

One of their alumni friends told her that she looks lovely despite being pregnant. Ton was the first one to laugh. He said that Korya is not pregnant but fat.

Korya was upset with Ton insensitivity and so were their closed friends, both male & female.


Don’t forget to lớn smile. When you smile beautiful, men will come khổng lồ you lượt thích flies.