Make a fortune là gì


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for‧tune S3 W3 /ˈfɔːtʃən $ ˈfɔːr-/ BrE AmE noun 1. MONEY a very large amount of money: He made a fortune selling property in Spain. My first painting sold for £25, a small fortune then for an art student. He died in poverty in 1947, but his art is worth a fortune. The carpet must have cost a fortune. It is quite easy khổng lồ decorate your house without spending a fortune. Her personal fortune was estimated at £37 million. 2. CHANCE chance or luck, và the effect that it has on your life: I had the good fortune lớn work with a brilliant head of department. Sickness or ill fortune could reduce you to a needy situation. I felt it was useless khổng lồ struggle against fortune. 3. WHAT HAPPENS to lớn YOU the good or bad things that happen in life: a downturn in the company’s fortunes This defeat marked a change in the team’s fortunes. The geographical position of the frontier fluctuated with the fortunes of war (=the things that can happen during a war). 4. tell sb’s fortune to tell someone what will happen lớn them in the future by looking at their hands, using cards etc ⇨ ↑soldier of fortune, ⇨ fame và fortune at ↑fame, ⇨ a hostage lớn fortune at ↑hostage(3), ⇨ seek your fortune at ↑seek(4) • • • COLLOCATIONS verbs ▪ make a fortune (also amass a fortune formal) (=gain a lot of money) His family amassed a fortune during that period.

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Đang xem: Make a fortune là gì

▪ make your fortune (=become rich) She made her fortune in the cosmetics industry. ▪ earn a fortune He hopes to earn a fortune from his latest invention. ▪ thua thảm a fortune (=lose a lot of money) He lost a fortune in an unwise business deal. ▪ cost a fortune (=be very expensive) It’ll cost a fortune if we go by taxi. ▪ spend a fortune You don’t have lớn spend a fortune giving your family healthy meals. ▪ pay a fortune (=pay a lot of money) We had lớn pay a fortune in rent. ▪ inherit a fortune (=gain a lot of money after someone dies) He inherited a fortune of a million pounds from his uncle.

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▪ leave somebody a fortune (=arrange for someone to lớn receive a lot of money after you die) He left his wife a modest fortune. ADJECTIVES/NOUN + fortune ▪ a huge/vast/immense fortune Timothy was the heir lớn a vast fortune. ▪ a large/substantial/considerable fortune His father, an oil magnate, amassed a large fortune. ▪ a small fortune (=a very large amount of money) He made a small fortune in the London property boom. ▪ a personal/private fortune She is one of the richest women in Britain, with an estimated personal fortune of £90 million. ▪ a £20 million/$40 million etc fortune She is believed lớn have a £25 million fortune.

phrases ▪ be worth a fortune informal: The building itself is worth a fortune.fortunehu◎※danh từ ■vận (may xuất xắc rủi) by a stroke of (good) fortune, he won the competition do một chút ít may mắn, anh ta đã thành công cuộc đua to be a victim of ill fortune là nàn nhân của vận đen thui I”d the good fortune lớn be chosen for a trip abroad tôi có như mong muốn được chọn cho đi nước ngoài to try one”s fortune cầu may the party”s fortunes were at their lowest màn chơi after the election defeat vận may của đảng dịp đó ở tầm mức thấp duy nhất sau thất bại thai cử ■vận mệnh hoặc tương lai của một con người; số phận to tell someone”s fortune; to tell someone his fortune đoán số của ai to tell fortunes bói toán; làm cho nghề bói toán to have one”s fortune told xem bói (hỏi chủ kiến thầy bói) ■sự giàu có, sự thịnh vượng; của cải, cơ thiết bị to make one”s fortune phân phát đạt, phát tài he made a considerable fortune selling waste materials anh ta nhiều to nhờ sắm sửa vật liệu phế thải to marry a fortune lấy vợ giàu to inherit a large fortune quá kế một gia tài lớn a soldier of fortune lính tiến công thuê fortune favours the bold có gan thì có tác dụng giàu to try the fortune of war thử liều chinh chiến (để chế tạo cơ đồ) a hostage to lớn fortune con tin có tính cách quyết định to seek one”s fortune tìm vận may, cầu may a small fortune nhiều tiền the oto cost me a small fortune mẫu xe tương đối này tôi phải mất quá nhiều tiền mới sắm được nội động từ ■(từ cổ,nghĩa cổ), (thơ ca) may; xảy ra it fortuned that he was at home then may mà khi ấy anh ta lại có ở nhà