Lỗi failed to connect to a windows service


Group policies are settings pushed into a computer’s registry to configure security settings & other operational behaviors. Group policies can be pushed down from Active Directory (actually, they’re pulled down by the client) or by configuring local group policy.

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Some users have reported seeing an error message in their computer’s Notification Panel that has the heading “Failed lớn connect to a Windows service” and states, “Windows could not connect lớn the Group Policy Client service. This problem prevents standard users from logging on lớn the system. As an administrative user, you can đánh giá the System event log for details about why the service didn’t respond.


The possible causes of the “Failed to connect khổng lồ a Windows service” error message

This error arises when a computer crashes after the rebooting process during Windows Updates. The computer restarts after the crash and reports an unexpected shutdown during Windows Updates. Right after this, it starts displaying this error message. In most cases, this error message is given birth to lớn by the loss of important Registry settings required khổng lồ initialize the Group Policy Client service.

How lớn get rid of the “Failed to lớn connect lớn a Windows service” error message

If you are suffering from this problem & are trying to get rid of it, you should, first & foremost, try lớn repair và restore Windows service components. You can do so by simply downloading and running Restoro lớn scan for & repair corrupt và missing repositories from here

However, if trying khổng lồ repair and restore Windows service components using Restoro doesn’t work, fear not as there are quite a few other highly effective solutions that can be used to lớn try & resolve this problem. The following are the most effective solutions that you can use to try and fix this issue:

Solution 1: Fix this problem using the Registry Editor

Press the Windows hình ảnh key + R to xuất hiện a Run dialog, type regedit into the Run dialog and click on OK. Doing so will launch the Registry Editor.


In the left pane of the Registry Editor, navigate to lớn the directory described below and kiểm tra to see whether or not a folder named gpsvc is present. This folder is responsible for service configuration and parameters. In almost all cases, it will be present.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services


If gpsvc is present, then navigate lớn the directory described below in the left pane of the Registry Editor. This is an extremely important and fragile directory so make sure that you don’t cảm ứng anything else.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > SvcHost

Inside the SvcHost folder, there must be some keys và values which are required for the process to lớn be completed. Kiểm tra for a multi-string value GPSvsGroup inside SvcHost. If it is not present, you are going to lớn have to lớn create it yourself. In order khổng lồ create the multi-string value, right-click on the SvcHost folder, hover over New và click on Multi-String Value.

Doing so will create a new registry value in the right pane. Rename the new multi-string value GPSvcGroup by right-clicking it, clicking on Rename, typing in GPSvcGroup and pressing Enter. Now, double click on the GPSvcGroup value khổng lồ modify it, replace whatever is in the Value data field with GPSvc và click on OK.


The next thing you might need to vày is lớn create a new thư mục (key) inside SvcHost. To vì so, right-click on SvcHost in the left pane, hover over New and click on Key. Rename the new registry key GPSvcGroup.


Click on the GPSvcGroup key in the left pane to lớn have its contents displayed in the right pane. You now need lớn create 2 new DWORD (32-bit) values in the right pane of GPSvcGroup To vì chưng so, right-click on an empty space in the right pane, hover over New và click on DWORD (32-bit) Value. This process needs to lớn be repeated 2 times to lớn create a total of 2 new DWORD (32-bit) values.

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The first value needs khổng lồ be renamed AuthenticationCapabilities & should have 12320 as its Value data & Decimal as its base.


The second value needs to lớn be renamed CoInitializeSecurityParam & should have 1 as its Value data and Decimal as its base.


Close the Registry Editor.

Restart the computer and check to see whether or not the problem still persists once it boots up.

Solution 2: Try clean booting the affected computer

Navigate khổng lồ the Services tab, enable the Hide all Microsoft services by checking the box beside it and click on Disable all.Restart the PC and kiểm tra to see if the problem persists once it boots up.

Solution 3: Reset the affected computer’s Winsock catalog

For some reason, many users affected by this issue have been able khổng lồ get rid of it by simply resetting their computers’ Winsock catalogs. In order khổng lồ reset a Windows computer’s Winsock catalog, you need to:

Open the Start Menu.Search for “cmd”.Right-click on the search result titled cmd and click on Run as administrator. Doing so will launch an elevated Command Prompt.Type the following into the elevated Command Prompt and press Enter:

netsh winsock reset

Once the command has been fully executed, close the elevated Command Prompt.Restart the computer. Check to see whether or not resetting the computer’s Winsock catalog did the trick once it boots up.

Solution 4: Allow Full Control of all relevant registry keys to Administrators using the Registry Editor

Press the Windows hình ảnh sản phẩm key + R to mở cửa a Run Type regedit into the Run dialog & press Enter lớn launch the Registry Editor.In the left pane of the Registry Editor, navigate khổng lồ the following directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services

In the left pane of the Registry Editor, right-click on the gpsvc sub-key under the services key and click on Permissions… in the context menu.Click on Advanced.Navigate lớn the Owner Under the Change owner to: section, click on Administrators to select it, enable the Replace owner on subcontainers và objects option by checking the box beside it, click on Apply & then click on OK.Repeat steps 45.Click on Administrators to select it and click on Edit….Check the Allow box directly in front of Full Control & click on OK.Enable the Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object option by checking the box beside it.Click on Apply and then on OK.Click on Apply and then on OK, but this time in the Permissions for gpsvcDownload the default configuration of the gpsvc registry key for the version of Windows that the affected computer is running on:

Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8/8.1