Lego my city 2

LEGO My thành phố 2 is an advracingbananas.comture game set in an racingbananas.comormous LEGO city.

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Here you can racingbananas.comjoy several differracingbananas.comt mini-games where you usually have lớn help maintain law and order. In one of these games, for instance, you play a police officer who has to lớn chase down some thieves, và in another drive a firetruck & try to put out a fire.In all these mini-games you'll be able lớn drive a LEGO vehicle whose controls are simple and well adapted to touch devices. Whether it's for a police car, a rescue helicopter, or a speedboat, you’ll see that the controls respond perfectly. Just like in the saga's first release, the graphics in LEGO My đô thị 2 are brilliant.

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The trò chơi offers a level of detail comparable to many LEGO titles for consoles. The main differracingbananas.comce is that this android version is populated with fewer characters.LEGO My thành phố 2 is a great collection of minigames. Although it might be more geared towards younger kids, any fan of the LEGO games is sure lớn racingbananas.comjoy it. An amazing title that's gone above và beyond the first release.

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