Youtube thumbnail not showing on facebook? how to fix


This was the trick people used khổng lồ bypass Facebook’s algorithm & have full thumbnail on Facebook for YouTube links.

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Sometime ago Facebook used to allow embedding a YouTube đoạn clip so that people can watch a YouTube video while still on Facebook. Then Facebook started their own video section và wanted people instead khổng lồ watch Facebook’s clip only so they stopped the option lớn embed YouTube videos. In an attempt to lớn drive less traffic to YouTube, Facebook even decided lớn show tiny ugly thumbnails whenever a YouTube links is shared on Facebook.

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A lot of YouTube to Facebook publishing websites emerged khổng lồ fix this problem but this services suffer from low New Feed distribution as they are probably used by a lot of people for sharing YouTube video and considered spammy.

So, I was looking for the best way khổng lồ publish a YouTube đoạn clip to Facebook with it’s full thumbnail và maintaining the YouTube authority. So, if Facebook intentionally did this, it means that they have a kiểm tra somewhere that looks like:

if ($domain === “” || $domain === “”)

// then fuck up the thumb

So, I started digging for other subdomain or TLDs owned by YouTube that vì not redirect lớn… with the hope that Facebook did not include those in the ‘blacklist’.

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So after trying several of them, fortunately, I came across, the YouTube Gaming tiện ích companion site. The good thing about this was any normal YouTube video clip would work by just changing the lớn và Facebook would show the full thumbnail và you have full post reach since the YouTube domain name is trusted. Additional traction comes from the full thumbnail.

Like what they say, all good things come to an end, on May 30th, YouTube shutdown this service & this subdomain now redirects you to lớn which brings us khổng lồ the original problem of shitty YouTube thumbnails on Facebook.

This was kept secret for obvious reasons but I am sure there were a lot of people using it.