Cách xóa bảng trong trello


In order to delete a board, you"ll need to close the board first. Closing a board is similar khổng lồ archiving a card—you can leave it in your "Closed boards" list if you think you might want khổng lồ use it again someday, or you can delete the board permanently once it"s closed.

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In Standard and PremiumWorkspaces, the Admins can close and delete any board within the Workspace.

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Deleting a board is permanent, & deleted boards cannot be recovered.

Deleting an mở cửa board

1 lớn delete a board that is still open, first mở cửa your board menu và choose "More".


2 Next, choose the option "Close board..."near the bottom of the More menu.


3 Finally, choose the option "Permanently delete board". The board is permanently deleted after choosing this option!


Deleting a closed board

to delete a board that you"ve already closed, click on ‘View closed boards’ buttonat the bottom of your Boards page.


From there, you"ll see a các mục of your closed boards with a "Delete"button for any board that you"re an admin for. Click on that button khổng lồ delete the board permanently.



Is there another way to lớn delete a board?

You can also delete your closed boards using our Delete Boards tool: https://racingbananas.com.com/support/delete-board

Admin access is still required lớn delete a board using this tool.

Can I delete a board in the mobile app?

It isn"t possible khổng lồ delete a board using the mobile app. However, you can delete a board by logging in lớn racingbananas.com on your mobile device"s supported browser.

Recovering a deleted board

Deleting a board is permanent, & deleted boards cannot be recovered.

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