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3000 từ tiếng anh thường dùng

1. The Oxford 3000™ dThe keyword of the Oxford 3000 have derived from them, or are used in a variety of The Oxford 3000been carefully selected by a group of language patterns. All of this means that each one of theexperts và experienced teachers as the words từ khóa repays close study.which should receive priority in vocabularystudy because of their importance và The list covers British & American English.usefulness. The selection is based on It is arranged khổng lồ emphasize the connectionsthree criteria. Between words, so that words which are very closely related (including adverbs ending in -lyThe words which occur most frequently in và opposites starting with un-) are groupedEnglish are included, based on the information together. Some basic phrases are also included.in the British National Corpus và the Oxford Proper names (names of people, places, etc.Corpus Collection. (A corpus is an electronically beginning with a capital letter) và numbersheld collection of written or spoken texts, often are not included in the main list.consisting of hundreds of millions of words.)However, being frequent in the corpus alone A separate menu of words which are important foris not enough for a word to qualify as a keyword: language study, but less important in everydayit may be that the word is used very frequently, life, follows the main list. Knowing these wordsbut only in a narrowly defined area, such as will help you lớn understand more of the informa-newspapers or scientific articles. In order lớn tion given in the entries, especially regarding theavoid including these restricted words, we word’s grammar & register (whether it is for-include as keywords only those words which are mal, informal, etc.).frequent across a range of different types of text. In order khổng lồ make the definitions in thisIn other words, từ khóa are both frequent and dictionary easy lớn understand, we have writtenused in a variety of contexts. In addition, the list them using the keyword of the Oxford 3000.includes some very important words which All words used in normal definition text arehappen not to be used frequently, even though keywords, or are on the list of language studythey are very familiar to most users of English. Terms. Numbers and proper names are also usedThese include, for example, words for parts of in definitions. When it has been necessary to lớn usethe body, words used in travel, & words which a specialist term which is not in the Oxfordare useful for explaining what you mean when 3000, the word is shown in small capitals ,you do not know the exact word for something. & in xanh on the CD-ROM. If you bởi not knowThese words were identified by consulting a the meaning of this word, look it up in thepanel of over seventy experts in the fields of dictionary: it will help you lớn understand theteaching and language study. Definition that you are interested in, andThe words of the Oxford 3000 are shown in the will probably be a useful word lớn learnmain section of the dictionary in larger print, because it will be related lớn the original wordand with a key symbol immediately you looked up. Dfollowing. On the CD-ROM the từ khoá areshown in red. The most useful parts of theentries (particular parts of speech, meanings,phrasal verbs và idioms) are marked with asmall key symbol. The entries for keywordsoften have extra information in the size ofmore examples of use, special notes explainingsynonyms or related words, or helpfulillustrations. This means that the keywordsmake an excellent starting point for expandingyour vocabulary. With most keywords, there isfar more to learn about them than the firstmeaning in the entry: often these words havemany meanings, have a large family of words