Thinking Out Loud: Urgent Maintenance, Belly Laughs, and Running

It’s Thursday! What, what?! Yup, I’m a little tired and a lot hyper (great mix), so it only seems fitting to link up with the lovely Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud party so I can share the ramblings of my mind with you this morning….

1. This week, Bluehost decided to do “urgent maintenance” on my servers and as a result, Racing Bananas was down/running incredibly slowly all week. I was kind of shocked by how panicked (and later annoyed and angry) I was about this. I really love my little corner of the internet!

Anyways, I posted a recipe for my Broccoli, Potato, and Turkey Sausage quiche that no one was able to see due to said maintenance. I might re-post tomorrow, but thought I’d share with you all today!

Quiche Photo

2. Girls on the Run has been great so far this season! On Tuesday, we had a very running heavy day and guess what?! I ran (probably a half mile, so nothing too crazy), but felt no pain in my foot, heel, or calves. I AM SO EXCITED! I think I’m going to look for a very slow but steady training plan for a 5K or 10K to run this summer. I know I have to take things slow, but I’m also ready to get back out there.


3. I finished Breaking Bad last night. OMFG is all I have to say. I also caught up  on the Mindy Project (yes, I  understand these show could not be more different) and am more devastated than I care to admit about how things have turned out between Mindy and Danny. Though I would gander that we haven’t explored the last of this relationship…

4. I ate this sandwich last night and it was flipping delicious. I also met a really cute guy, who made said sandwich for me, so that made it double good. Just saying.

Chicken Sandwich

5. I’m so excited to have a weekend here in Madison – it’s going to be beautiful and I have a lot of things to catch up on. It feels good to be settled for a week! On the to do list? Costco, shopping, going to a student dance show, babysitting EG, and having an Alternative Break reunion meeting – should be fun!

6. I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately. And it’s been fantastic. (This is actually the reason for going to Costco – I’m out of K cups. Cue panic!).


7. Every time I see this I bust out laughing. I mean all out, belly laugh. With a possible snort. That’s how funny I think it is!


Well, that’s about all the random I have to share with you!

Your Turn!

  • What’s on your mind today?!

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  1. I loved seeing your Girls on the Run picture, and read the linked post to learn more. I haven’t checked their website to see if they’re located nationally. I’m probably too old (my talking to them would sound more like preaching, I’m afraid) but it might be something our youngest daughter, who’s 26, would enjoy. Great post today!

  2. Don’t worry, I totally freaked out when my blog randomly disappeared from the internet (random blogger glitch) and I must have spent 2 hours clicking refresh and panicking to a web developer friend who then told me about a website which will email you when your website is down (and when it comes back up) just to stop me from burning out the refresh button haha.

    Oh how wrapped up in our blog world we are 😛
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