Saturday Running Scenes

Happy Saturday! I’m bouncing off the walls excited because I decided to take my running shoes out of hibernation, lace up, and see what happened. I got in a slow and steady 2.5 miles – didn’t push myself and took walking breaks when my foot was acting up, but overall, it was a fantastic run!

Kim Shoes

Ah, I’ve missed my obnoxiously electric blue Brooks. These bad boys are my favorite!

Run 1

As you can see, I have no fashion sense, as I did pair my electric blue shoes with a bright orange shirt. Whatever, #noshame, I DO WHAT I WANT!

The SIgn

I accidentally turned on Pandora and my all time guilty pleasure song – The Sign by Ace of Base – came on. Needless to say, I turned up the volume and sang out out loud (while simultaneously hoping no one saw me rocking out! Ha).

map my run

 I only turned on Map My Run to see how far I went – for the time being, I am not paying attention to pace because I don’t want to push myself to injury again. So, slow but steady, but good enough for me!

Kim Run
This is my “I forgot how hard running is” face.

Kim Stretch

 And the stick is back! I stretched for a good 30 minutes, which was great. Well, kind of great. The whole time I used to the stick, I was making horrible noises and close to tears from pain – but good pain.

Well I’m off to make breakfast, shower, then heading to Rockford because my aunt had her babies yesterday. Eeeeeeek! Cue Auntie Kim being much too excited to spoil the crap out of them!

Your Turn!

  • What are you up to this weekend? 

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