Quotable Friday: Keep the Faith

Happy Friday friends!

Well if we’re being honest, it’s actually Thursday and I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy, lying in the couch, writhing in pain and being a baby over a tiny thing I had done at the doctor today (seriously tiny). I’m a wimp – sue me! (I also took up my doctor’s advice to eat ice cream for dinner – what what?!).

Anyways, I was reading through my Pinterest Quotes board (aka one of my favorite places on the internet) and came across this quote. Since I haven’t done a Quotable Friday in awhile, I thought I’d share a thought for today.

Keep the Faith


I was so sure this winter that I had hit rock bottom. You all know; I bared my soul at least five too many times about how unhappy I was with myself and with my situation and really everything and everyone in my life. Obviously things are not perfect (they never will be!), but things do get better. I need to remind myself of that when the darkness seems to be more prevalent than the light.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Your Turn:

  • Favorite quote?
  • Whatcha up to this weekend?

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