MIMM: Shoes, Dresses, and Other Fun Things

Happy Monday all! I had a fantastic weekend, which always makes starting off the new week a bit more bearable! Since I’m not feeling incredibly chatty (read: I’m a bit tired) I thought I’d photo dump some scenes from the weekend so you see how marvelous it was yourself!

Wine and Greys

Marvelous is Grey’s Anatomy and wine with Heidi. This will be one of our last Thursday night get togethers  since Heidi is leaving and I’m devastated, so we made the most out of it!

No pictures from Friday but I had a great time seeing the new Captain America movie (definitely liked it – way better than the first) and then heading out for a beer and food.


Marvelous is this quiche! Saturday started off on a high note when I made this delectable quiche (recipe tomorrow!) but then slowly went downhill as I went to babysit and Charlie wasn’t there (I get why, but I’m still sad!) and then the Badgers lost to Kentucky in the Final Four game. Sad panda!


Marvelous is froyo. Enough said, amiright?

Little Toms

Marvelous is Toms for kiddos. Saw these while shopping with Heidi on Sunday. I’m definitely getting them for all the little ones in my life – they’re too cute!


Marvelous is shopping with Heidi! After taking this picture, I realized it doesn’t do anything I bought justice; I bought a way too cute (and totally not necessary) dress, a comfy sweater (WAY on sale!), jeans (because when you find jeans that fit perfectly, you don’t question that), and tights. Not pictured is my haul from Sephora (yay for gift cards). All in all, we had a good trip and lots of fun chatting.


Speaking of shopping, aren’t my new Asics marvelous? My gym shoes are all falling apart so I splurged on a new pair. I can’t wait to put some miles on this week!


Marvelous is it being nice enough to go on a walk! Sunday night was filled with a bit of frustration and annoyance at the world (hey, it happens!), so I threw on some clothes and went for a nice 1.5 mile walk to clear my head. I haven’t been out on the trail since the fall, so it felt good to stretch my legs and clear my mind.


Marvelous is this box of General Mills goodies that are sitting in my kitchen. The perks of having a best friend who works for General Mills! I’m most excited for the Food Should Taste Good Pita Puffs, but am looking forward to trying out everything!

Sunday Night

Finally, marvelous is a cup of coffee, a good book, and Breaking Bad to end the weekend. Because it’s the simple things that are the best things.

Rejected Better

I was perusing Pinterest last night and came across this quote that definitely struck a chord with me last night. Just something to think about on this Monday…

Your Turn:

  • What was marvelous about your weekend?
  • What is your favorite brand of cross trainers or running shoes?

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  1. Oh my word – those are the cutest little baby shoes I’ve seen in the longest time. Seriously, I want to buy everyone I know w/ a kiddo a pair just like you Ha Ha! Did they have them in adult sizes?? 🙂 To answer your question, I’ve always been an asics girl myself.
    Jessie recently posted…MIMM: Liebster Award & Quest Bar RecipesMy Profile

  2. I’m in love with New Balance shoes for me they just fit my foot better. I have bone spurs on my heels and no other shoe seems to work with those nasty guys. But those Asics you picked up are TOO pretty! I love those Toms too – adorable, everything ‘mini’ is so much cuter!
    Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow recently posted…Monthly Mailers #7My Profile

  3. Jealous! I would love a pair of Asics! I can’t justify buying a pair yet though, as I only just bought a pair of Adidas. I love the colour, but they are a really tight fit…and I have slender feet so it’s rally strange. I know exactly what you mean regarding finding a pair of jeans that fit! Always loved jeans on other people, but it’s so hard to find them to fit me I find.
    samantha recently posted…Raw food diet – Fad or Fab?My Profile

  4. That quote is SO SO true.

    I actually love Skechers because I have flat feet and they’re one of the few companies who make shoes without an arch.

    As for my weekend – the most marvellous thing had to be cooking for our church on Sunday night and having everyone love our Southern In-Law style feast! Oh and every time someone at church tells me they’ve made a SIL recipe, I totally do a happy dance inside hahaha
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted…Recipe: Chicken Burrito BowlMy Profile

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