Happy Monday friends! It’s actually Sunday right now, and I’m enjoying a huge cup of coffee, while listening to the rain patter on my window, which is basically the definition of the perfect Sunday afternoon. Pretty marvelous, right? (See what I did there? Thanks to Katie for the link up!).

I actually had a pretty exciting weekend! My aunt ended up having her babies on Friday, so my plans basically were tossed out so I could get to Rockford on Saturday to spend the day with her and my family. Friday after work I went to get a much needed hair cut, then went to Target and basically went nuts in the infant/toddler section. There is SO MUCH CUTE CLOTHES! I maybe went a little crazy – but she did have twins so that does mean double the gifts! My favorite is the teal and navy jumper with the lobster. #obsessed

Target Pics

And can we talk about this bag? I mean, really, cuteness overload. I cannot wait to spoil the crap outta of these kids! (And don’t get me started on the little girl clothes – my 2 year old cousin is also going to be getting too many presents for Easter!).


Saturday I got up and went for a run, which went pretty well! I didn’t push myself hard at all, but it felt really good to get out there! My foot is definitely a bit sore today, so I’ll probably take a couple of days before lacing up and getting out there again.

Run 1

After my run, I got ready and jumped in the car to drive to Rockford. I took a much needed selfie to (a) document the road trip and (b) document my new hair cut and the fact I was having a good hair day. No shame, people! Can I just say, I had an awesome drive there and back? By the time I got home, my throat hurt from all the singing I did!

Kim Car

I was a bad blogger while I was visiting, because I took no pictures while at the hospital. But the babies are flipping adorable! They are premature so they were quite small – Jack is about 4 lb and Joey is about 3 lb and they’re in the NICU, but we still got to spend time with him, touch them, and watch my aunt feed and change them. I am already totally in love.

I also wanted to share this book my aunt got – it’s called “Go the F&*# to Sleep” and is one of the best things I have ever read. It was even better because my mom sat down and read it to me – we were in tears by the time she finished reading!

Go the F to Sleep

Sunday morning, I woke up and cleaned my apartment. Like, hardcore. Straightened up, vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, did laundry…the works. Then at 11:00, I headed over to spend the afternoon with EG!

We took A LOT of silly selfies. Because why not?!

Kim and EG

We also had a throwback to when she was a toddler and made an epic fort. She got her lantern and we watched a couple TV shows on the iPad. It was great.


As I was leaving, her parents gave me some books to bring home and read. I’m going to start with Middlesex because I’m about 10 years behind on that one, but am looking forward to digging into the other two as well. I’m having some bad luck with books lately, so I’m hoping that these will capture my interest!

New Books

Overall, it was a pretty great weekend, albeit jam packed. I am now off to a reunion meeting with my Alternative Break trip, which should be fun! I’m super thrilled to, because this is a four day week for me (yes for working at a Catholic college where we get Friday and Monday off for Easter!).

Your Turn!

  • What was marvelous about your weekend?
  • Any good book recommendations? 


22 Thoughts on “MIMM: Baby Clothes and Couch Forts

  1. No way… I haven’t made a fort since I was younger. How fun!! Did you guys have a little tea party underneath too? :) Love the new cut girl. Short hair looks gorgeous on you!
    Jessie recently posted…MIMM: Where I’ve been & MotivationMy Profile

  2. Middlesex was a fantastic book. I can’t tell you what it was about because I read it like, 6 years ago and that’s too far back for me to remember anything (I can’t even tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday…) but I remember it being a very good book.

    Love the haircut! I wish I could pull of short hair–it’d make living in Houston so much less unpleasant–but alas, my chipmunk cheeks won’t allow it. :(

  3. LOVING the new hair!! So cute! I remember the days of making forts… it you think about it, it really wasn’t that long ago for me, lol! Sending lots of love to your aunt and babies! <3
    leigha@minougirl recently posted…Spring Weekend SnapshsotsMy Profile

  4. Your hair is SO cute!! I love it. I also love Unbroken – such an amazing story!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Weekend Update: 4/13/14–Moving!My Profile

  5. Cute baby clothes, cute hair, good books! “We Are Water” and “She’s Come Undone” are two Wally Lamb favorites.
    Linda Tharp recently posted…‘Do or DyeMy Profile

  6. The best book I’ve read recently would have to be Jesus or Nothing by Dan DeWitt – definitely a must read!
    Kristy @ Southern In-Law recently posted…Recipe: Hot Cross Bun Breakfast BakesMy Profile

  7. Those baby clothes are ADORABLE! 😀
    Natalie @ lovenataliemarie recently posted…The Perfect WeekendMy Profile

  8. All those cute clothes! The monkey one is so cute. Love the new haircut!
    Kerry recently posted…Eggplant ParmesanMy Profile

  9. Those baby clothes are ADORABLE!!! Awww sweet babies!! I can’t wait to see pics!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…That Run Where Everything “Clicks”My Profile

  10. Congratulations to your aunt!! You look BEAUTIFUL in that selfie, and I love the haircut.

    As far as baby books that are really meant for adults go, one of my favorite bloggers, The Daily Tay has a children’s book called A Bottle for You, a Bottle for Me. I haven’t read it, but her blog is hilarious so you should check it out if you liked the one you mentioned!
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…Boston!My Profile

  11. Target sells absolutely THE BEST baby stuff. I get lost in that infant clothing section. :)
    Julie recently posted…The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee by Bari Koral Family Rock Band CD {Review + Giveaway}My Profile

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